Create An Elegant Atmosphere For Your Event

With Concert-Quality Background Music

I'm Nikki Glenn

...and for the past 20 years, I've been a provider of music entertainment for private, corporate, and special events.
However, my mission goes beyond playing nice music in lovely venues.
I'm committed to helping my clients create elegant, unforgettable events for their guests by creating a warm and welcoming environment conducive to conversation and enjoyment.
I offer you something different and unique from the usually available options for background music - I perform electric violin instrumentals and vocals that have been carefully selected to be entertaining to listeners without being obtrusive.  
Your guests will find the music to be pleasantly refreshing and surprisingly varied. Contact me now to discuss how I can enhance your event!


  • Provide unique musical styling.  I perform jazzy electric violin instrumentals and smooth adult contemporary vocals, featuring repertoire from artists like Norah Jones, Diana Krall, and Toni Braxton, as well as familiar jazz standards.  Your guests will find many of the selections are familiar favorites.

  • Create a warm and welcoming listening environment. I use fully-orchestrated professional backing tracks to accompany me. Not only does this provide room-filling, warm sound, but it also surprises and delights guests when they realize they are not listening to a recording. 

  • Save you space. Due to the compact nature of my setup, I only require a 5 ft. x 7 ft.  space and access to one three (3) pronged outlet.   

  • Play at the perfect volume. My purpose is to support your event in the manner of your preference.  Isn't it frustrating to go to events where you can't even carry on a conversation? My promise is to always support and enhance an environment conducive to conversation and enjoyment.


Looking for Something A Little Different From The Usual Jazz Trio, Sax Player, Cocktail Pianist, Or DJ?

Watch The Demo Videos Below! 





"Nikki's music and performance elevated our event to another level.  Her professionalism before and during the event ensures that we will be working with her again in the future. Our guests were thoroughly entertained and impressed by the range in her music selections and her ability to play the violin as well as sing beautifully allows for an incredible variety of moods during the party. We will certainly be asking for her again for future events."


"Nikki’s service was unique in that she truly brings EVERYTHING to the table.  She is friendly, sociable, and can accustom to any event. Nikki’s approach is very smooth, and she is non-intrusive in a crowd setting – her tone, volume, and talent were not unnoticed by those in attendance.  The ambiance Nikki brought was extremely unique and hard to come by!   I view Nikki as an asset to any event – she was timely, extremely kind, and flexible, all accompanied by a beautiful voice!"


"Nikki is my role model for connecting with the audience in a way that classical musicians don’t do. There is an ease in her personality and style. She sends out a certain type of energy that captivates an audience. Once you’ve gotten a taste of her artistry, you will go back for more.”


Here are samples of my work, and also fun movie-style trailers
that I made during some of my engagements-- I hope you enjoy!

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My music is optimal for events where background music is needed to enhance the atmosphere; cocktail parties, dinner parties, and gatherings of under 200 are the best fit. I am located in St. Louis, Missouri; all price quotes will include costs for travel, backline, and incidentals where appropriate. Contact me now to discuss possibilities for your event!

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